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Exciting news for BrownLoveArt!

So, I have been more than blessed recently. God has been giving me the push, motivation, and direction I need, ya'll. He has been giving me some serious lessons in faith: believing His purpose and plan for me, in myself and my abilities, and taking the next step without knowing exactly what is next.

A few weeks ago, coming from a doctor's appointment, I turned on The Urban View - a talk radio station that I love, for their relatable views of politics and culture, as seen from the black perspective. I heard Godfrey (IG: @comediangodfrey), host of the Power Hour discussing his humor and what he sees on his commutes in NYC. I immediately went to his Instagram page to see some of what he was talking about and was certainly met with laughs- because nothing is out of the question in NYC. So...without thought, I just followed him. A few minutes later, I received a direct message from Godfrey, complimenting my work on my Instagram page (@mrs.brownlove). Well, to say the least, I was stunned. After a brief conversation, he invited on his show, The Power Hour. Again, stunned! I couldn't say no to this opportunity. Thoughts flooded my mind- reasons I shouldn't go at this time, why I might be feel adequately prepared. After some prayer and pep talk from my parents and husband, I jumped on the opportunity. I knew this was God just opening the door and letting me know that I am enough.

This time TOMORROW, I will be on The Power Hour with host @comediangodfrey. Serious shout to Godfrey for giving me this opportunity, and just supporting small businesses, specifically black owned enterprises. I'm really looking forward to it! Please tune in to the show tomorrow to support and share this. Wish me luck!

Please share!!

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