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My name is Dana Brown and I am the writer, creator, and crochet designer of BrownLoveArt. Creating art has always been a refuge throughout my life - a way to express myself, find peace, and to connect with others.  

I married my husband, Sean, in 2013, and am now mother of two lovely, lively little girls: Isla, 5 and Seana, 1.  They keep me on my toes!  I have found both satisfaction and pain in maintaining our home, especially now that we have messy company :) 

Crocheting is my happy place - it brings me peace and satisfaction.  Everything I create has so much love in it!  I have so much joy sharing my love and creativity with others and bringing your ideas and concepts to life.  Every time I send out a handmade item order, I get butterflies-- I want every customer to LOVE their piece.  


My blog serves as a way for me share with you my journey: my crafts, tips, and ways I continue to make my house a home.  I enjoy sharing my DIY and craft projects, decor, and cleaning and organization tips.  I cant wait to share my journey and be inspired.  


Dana B.

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